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Mdxhealth Licenses Epigenetic Technology To Oncgnostics Gmbh For Cervical Cancer Test - Yahoo Finance

"We are pleased to work with oncgnostics, an up-and-coming player in women's health. With three successful epigenetic products based on MDxHealth's proprietary MSP technology and biomarkers on the market; our http://www.purevolume.com/Carolsblog/posts/9069642/It+Also+Reflects+In+Their+Job+Done+Till+This+Time+That+Is+Highly+Appreciated+By+The+Global+Companies. lead product ConfirmMDx(R) for Prostate Cancer, PredictMDx(R) for Glioblastoma (MGMT) and our licensee Exact Sciences' Cologuard(R) test for colorectal cancer screening, DNA methylation is a proven diagnostic tool for cancer detection," said Dr. Jan Groen, CEO of MDxHealth. "We are excited about oncgnostics epigenetic GynTect(R) test, which will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of women with cervical cancer." About oncgnostics GmbH Founded as a spin-off from the University Womens' Hospital Jena, oncgnostics focuses on in vitro diagnostic tests for the early and accurate detection of cancer utilizing proprietary epigenetic biomarkers. The diagnostic products will allow earlier detection of more cancer cases and thus contribute to the improvement of therapeutic success. The initial product developed, GynTect (R), allows for the rapid and reliable detection of cervical precancerous lesions and cancer. Through strategic alliances with other industry leaders, oncgnostics aims to extend its reach around the world. More information is available at www.oncgnostics.com and through contact@oncgnostics.com . About MDxHealth (R) MDxHealth is a leading molecular diagnostic company that develops and http://fracapenon.blogs.experienceproject.com commercializes epigenetic tests to support cancer visit our website treatment.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mdxhealth-licenses-epigenetic-technology-oncgnostics-070603262.html

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